Work with Beehive

Beehive Industries is one of the largest contract manufacturers for metal printing in the U.S. and a leading global provider of additively enabled patterns and cores for investment casting.

We work closely with American and American ally suppliers to deliver parts, components that meet the highest industry standards, and are producing advanced jet propulsion systems for unmanned aerial vehicles.


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From CEO Mohammad Ehteshami

Partners, not providers

Trust is the currency of business. Trust is neither given blindly nor granted freely in the marketplace—it must be earned. At Beehive Industries, we're committed to realizing impossible technology together. We solve complex challenges with ingenuity, integrity, and by being an excellent partner.

Whether through the development of an industry-first part, a novel first application, or brand new machine, our work is always led by the big picture and creating change for good. We're proud to take your mission personal.


Beehive Industries is proud to design, develop, and manufacture all parts, products, and systems in the U.S.A.