Metal additive manufacturing

For the biggest design challenges

Don't let traditional manufacturing limitations get in the way of your design vision. Imagine it and we can make it straight from a 3D model so you can realize the untapped potential of additive and unfettered design freedom.

Your mission is ours

Beehive Industries is one of the largest contract manufacturers for metal printing in the U.S. We take each project personally, which is why we work directly with you from the earliest stages of design to production.

Printable superalloys
Quality certifications
Design optimization

Printable superalloys

Additive manufacturers can have challenges printing some advanced alloys. Our metallurgical scientists have the expertise to make your alloys more printable, with greater ductility, repeatability, consistency, and fewer flaws.

Quality certifications

Meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry working with our team of seasoned contract manufacturers.

AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified at our Knoxville and Denver facilities.

Design optimization

Take your project to the next level with Beehive Industries™ additive design optimization. We’ll help refine, evolve, and iterate original concepts for greater producibility, material efficiency, and part performance.

We do it all

Our team of manufacturing specialists are with you every step of the way with Beehive Industries™ specialists.

Design optimization
Additive manufacturing
Quality assurance

Large-format printing

Size is no limiting factor, when parts can be produced up to multiple feet in length.

High-volume production

We maintain one of the largest fleets of small, large, single, and multilaser machines, including one of the highest congregations of X Line printers.

Surface quality

Print with industry-leading surface quality, known for its high accuracy and smooth finish.

Doesn't exist?
We'll help make it

Leverage one of the most comprehensive collections of certified, aerospace-grade powders or we’ll work to make even superalloys printable for your program.


Why print metal?

Rapid prototyping
Design customizations
Reduced weight
Advanced performance

Part consolidation
Minimized assembly time
Improved flexibility
Less material waste
Quality assurance

Accelerated cycle time
Low supplier dependence
No obsolete parts
Local production and access


Beehive Industries is proud to design, develop, and manufacture all parts, products, and systems in the U.S.A.