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May 6, 2024

Beehive Industries Announces Knox County Expansion

A new sixty thousand square foot facility will allow Beehive to grow high technology jobs in Knox County.

Knoxville, TN (May 6, 2024) Congressman Tim Burchett, Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, Knoxville Chamber, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory joined Beehive Industries today as it announced the opening of its sixty thousand square foot facility.

Beehive’s expansion within Knox County continues its ongoing presence and allows the growth of high technology jobs for the area with expectations of local employment to exceed one hundred fifty people. These additional jobs will support manufacturing, engineering, and machining roles to broaden its footprint and almost triple the number of employees at its Tennessee operation. The new facility represents four million dollars of capital investment.

“Knox County continues to be a terrific area to grow as a business with Pellissippi State Community College, the Tennessee College of Applied Technology, the University of Tennessee, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory providing a well-trained workforce and technical partnerships to advance the state of manufacturing for this country,” said Jonaaron Jones, President of Beehive’s Additive Manufacturing Sales.

“Congratulations to Beehive as they open their new facility,” said Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. “Since their founding in 2020, Beehive has been growing across three states and doing impressive work in the aerospace, defense, and power generation industries. We are grateful that they have selected Knox County and look forward to the jobs that this expansion will create.”

“Beehive's innovation and business will continue to be great for East Tennessee, keeping over 45 jobs in Knoxville with many more in the future. I'm sure they will continue to find Knoxville a great place to build their company and thrive,” said Congressman Tim Burchett.

“Our goal is to manufacture one hundred percent of our product offerings at Beehive facilities. Ensuring we’re located in areas with like-minded industries and a qualified talent pool is critical to our success. Knox County has exceeded our expectations as we strive to be a top tiered defense supplier and valued member of the community,” said Darius Ehteshami, Beehive’s Chief Operating Officer.

“Congratulations to Beehive Industries on their new expansion!” said Doug Lawyer, Knoxville Chamber vice president of economic development. “This influx of new jobs, talent, and technology is an outstanding contribution to the business ecosystem. Knox County offers a thriving local economy with a strong workforce pipeline and a supportive community that provides an ideal environment for businesses to grow and succeed.”

Beehive Industries is a US-based additive manufacturing (3D printing) company specializing in the design and development of jet engines as well as parts manufacture across high technology industries and defense. Beehive employs more than 180 people and is committed to supporting the reindustrialization of America through advanced manufacturing and innovative offerings. The Knoxville site is part of an ongoing expansion from approximately forty thousand square feet less than six months ago to almost one hundred seventy thousand square feet by the end of 2024.

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